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Music Randomizer is a site to help you find and discover new music and new artists. We offer a large variety of settings that you can customize your listening experience. We have different languages if your browser language isn't correct. Just click on the languages options in the bottom left of the site. With more features to come and more ideas being added to our to-do list, we are going to be expanding the site to make the user and listening experience top notch.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to oppose adding certain artists. We normally don't let bias's get in the way of the business of our site, but under some circumstances, we have to make a few exceptions.


I am only adding this so I can add adsense to the site. This will be taken down as soon as the site is approved for ads. Thank you!

How did the site become to be and when did it start?

We started the site in the June 2020 and we have been operating since. The site began because all these other streaming services don't really "randomize" your listening experience. The music that you get is primarily artists "Popular" songs and not much of their "Unpopular" songs from their discography. We feel that all songs should get the same love and a chance to be heard. With the settings that we offer, you can customize if you want to hear underrated songs or popular songs.

Is your site legal?

Yes! We are able to operate legally because the way we are sourcing our videos comes from Youtube and we are utilizing YouTube API and Google API. If you want to find out more about those API's, you can click on them in the bottom left corner.

What are your future plans for the site?

Our future plans for the site is to expand into other artists and genres to make available. We also want to expand the amount of languages that we support, with plans to be supporting up to 100+ languages by the end of 2022.

Will there ever be a mobile app?

There are plans for a mobile app but that is not the current focus as of right now. We plan to bring the listening experience to discord and having an integration for twitch. If all goes according to plan and on schedule, we will begin the mobile app work in 2023 or at the end of 2023.

What type of data do you collect from users?

The only data that we collect is if you sign up for our mailing list. We don't share any emails or do we sell any data that we collect. We are able to run the site without having any user sign up, we find that having users sign up to use the site makes it less likely that they will come back or sign up to begin with. We want to make sure the site can be used by everyone in a safe environment. We may have signups available down the road but it isn't our current focus.

Why is your site free to use as opposed to other music sites?

We believe that music shouldn't be locked behind a paywall or be filled with numerous annoying ads. We also want to make sure that users can feel safe without having to put in any personal information in order to operate the site.

How can we suggest new ideas or features?

We currently have a site survey option in the bottom left corner, but we plan on changing this to be a pop-up on the site so that it is easier for users to report back to use any ideas. This will also include a feature for users to report any issues that they experience or anything that may be incorrect in terms of the data that we display.

What are some features that should be expected to come?

We are planning to expand into making artists pages and having search system to find artists. This will help with discoverability because if you like an artist, you will be able to easily access their page and see what other music they have. We plan to have this done by the end of 2022 with a beta version of it arriving early in March of 2022.

How does your site help other artists?

We help artists get discovered if they aren't that well know. We also ensure that all the songs you listen to are either coming from the artists official YouTube channel/topic channel or related. We do this because each time you listen to a song, a view gets added to that song. We have given a total of 5,000 YouTube views* to various songs. The artists that we have added are primarily the most trending artists, in 2022 we plan to be adding more underrated artists to help them get more attention. We will be creating a way for artists to upload their own music but this will not be available until 2023.

What type of stats do you offer?

We collect daily stats on all of the songs in our database. On our stats page we have the daily stats of all the artists that we have on the site as well as other information. We show how many total views that the songs on our site have all combined**. We also have the billion view club, where we show all the songs (from our database) that have over a billion views and list it out in a neat way for users to see those stats. We also show which artists has the most songs with over a billion views. We hope one day that we can work with wikipedia in order to make this official.

*This value may be more depending on when we last update this

** Views are primarily from the songs from the artists YouTube Channel/Topic Channel but in some exceptions they are from other channels such as Lyrical Lemonade, Worldstar, etc. We try to make sure it's from the artist but in some situations it isn't possible.

If you feel like contacting us for any further questions or inquries, feel free to contact us at our Twitter

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